ZJ-TY1821 UAV/Drone Passive Detector

  • ZJ-TY 1821 Passive UAV/Drone Detector

    ZJ-TY 1821 Passive UAV/Drone Detector

    ZJ-TY1821 Passive UAV/Drone Detector has a high speed digital frequency hopping receiver with multiple frequency bands. It can receive the downlink signal (image transmission or digital transmission) from various UAVs on the market, and then identify features and parameters, decode and analyze the protocol, thereby it can identify the distant UAVs. It adopts exclusive receiver with special design. Compared to similar equipment in the market which uses a universal full bands receiver, ZJ-TY1821 passive UAV/drone detector possesses high sensitivity and low false alarm. The detection distance is up to 8 km depending on the geographical situation and buildings. With no blind area like normal radar, it is quite suitable for detecting close, low altitude and small UAVs which can’t be detected by radar and is difficult to be caught by human eyes.