ZJ-TY1802 Portable UAV/Drone Jammer

  • ZJ-TY 1802 Portable UAV Jammer

    ZJ-TY 1802 Portable UAV Jammer

    ZJ-TY 1802 Portable UAV/Drone Jammer was developed based on ZJ-TY 1801 Hand-held UAV/Drone Jammer which adopts the most advanced DDS and MMIC technology, the most effective way to detect and jam UAVs. The effective jamming distance of this equipment is up to 1.5 km. It can cut GPS or similar positioning signals from satellites to UAVs and can also expel UAVs or force them to land directly after taking the control of them by cutting the signals of their remote controller. It can also cut the signals from UAVs to their remote controllers including picture signals. With only one trigger, it’s super easy to operate it. With the zoom night vision camcorder, it meets the requirements of long-distance and night operation.