The Ministry of Public Security New Products and New Technologies

The ministry of public security new products and new technologies exchange center display our products as authoritative ones. And they are listed as the only anti-uav products in the anti-terrorist equipment selection meeting.

Brief Introduction of products:

1. ZJ-TY1801 hand-held UAV jammer uses the most advanced DDS and MMIC technology. The jammer has been developed and improved for three years. At present, It is the smallest and the lightest hand-held UAV jammer which has the best counter effect. It is suitable for all kinds of activities, secret units, patrol, emergency disposal. The jamming distance is up to 1.5km.

2. ZJ-TY1821 has a high speed digital frequency hopping receiver with multiple frequency bands. It can receive the downlink signal (image transmission or digital transmission) from various UAVs (excluding military UAV) on the market, and then identify features and parameters, decode and analyze the protocol, thereby it can identify the distant UAV. ZJ-TY1821 adopts exclusive receiver with special design. Compared to similar equipment which use a universal full bands receiver, ZJ-TY1821 possesses high sensitivity and low false alarm. The detection distance is 0~8km. The detection angle can be configured from 45° to 360°.

3. ZJ-TY1811 distributed UAV jammer is suitable for the area protection of relatively fixed sites of activity. Such as prisons, correctional services department, important party and government organs, oil field, oil refinery plants, scientific research institutes, space bases, hydropower stations, nuclear power plants, dangerous goods warehouses and other confidential units and important facilities; Or some crowded places, such as stadiums, scenic spots and schools. The jamming angle of the equipment can be selected from 45°~180°, and the jamming radius can reach more than 4km. ZJ-TY1811 can be equipped with portable battery and tripod mobile deployment with an endurance of 2-3 hours, and quickly build a fan-shaped temporary UAV defense space with a control radius of more than 4km.

Tested by the ministry of public security testing center, our products are put into the equipment atlas of ministry of public security equipment and finance bureau.

Be selected for the purchasing list [2018]688, [2018]741, [2019]556 of Ministry of public security equipment finance bureau.

In March 2018, Chinese news “simplifying procedures and regulating civil drones” CCAC highlighted the introduction of our products.

In April 2018, Chinese news introduced our products in the introduction of UAV development in China.

In June 2018, Chinese news mainly introduced our unmanned airspace management products.

In June 2018, Chinese news CCAC: continue to crack down on “illegal UAV”, news directly displayed our anti-UAV equipment.

Post time: Nov-29-2021