In 2018, we cooperated with China Tower Group (0788.HK).

In 2018, we cooperated with China Tower Group (0788.HK). Both sides plan to use nearly 2.7 million communication base stations of China Tower as the setting point of UAV detection and control equipment, and provide a visual, manageable and usable decision making platform for the control and service of UAV in China, and laying a foundation for the next stage of operation and large dataservices.

We specialize in the research and manufacture of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. Through the research of RF detection and location technology, we have become a high-tech enterprise in the research and development of flight trajectory control equipment for LSS(Low, Small, Slow) aircraft.

We are the only service provider in the industry which integrates R&D, manufacturing, education, training, related application services and standard setting. We have participated in many scientific research projects formulated by Airport Department, Flying Standards Division, Air Traffic Control Office, Air Administration, Academy of Aeronautics, Civil Aviation University and Civil Aviation. We are also an integrated solution provider for the cooperative service and control system of human aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle.

Sales and services of our products in the field of aerospace are all over the country, such as G20 Forum, ASEAN Expo, national sacrifices and etc.

In 2017, after completed tests from the National Military Standards, the Ministry of Public Security, and National Radio Monitoring Centre, we successfully provide various aviation safety services for many different airports.

Up to now, we have provided many important airspace safety services, such as Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Shanghai Expo, Shanghai Hongqiao airport, Shanghai Pudong airport, some airports of Yunnan Airport Group, and some prisons in China, the whole set of airspace security solutions for Beijing Daxing international airport, which is the biggest airport investment so far in China.

Post time: Nov-29-2021